is used for threaded connections and machined surfaces. It is a smooth paste that is easily spreadable. Although normally used without gaskets, Copaltite Liquid makes an excellent gasket dressing. The Liquid form is available in a 1 quart can or a 5 ounce tube.

is for rough surfaces, warped flanges or unfinished parts. It is a thick paste with a coarse texture which allows for it to fill gaps in scored, uneven surfaces. Copaltite Cement is also used as a gun grooving compound. The Cement form is available in a 1 quart can or a 5 ounce tube.

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About Us

ESCO Products, Inc. is a friendly industrial distributor for the Dow Corning Corporation. We stock and distribute Copaltite, and our own ESCO Oil Sight Glass.

As one of Dow Corning's largest distributors for over forty years, we offer same day shipments from our Houston warehouse. Our Oil Sight Glass is easily installed in your pumps to observe any contamination of dirt, grit, and water in your bearing oil. If you operate pumps in your petrochemical plant, refinery, paper mill, or mine, our Oil Sight Glass will save you time, money, and downtime by constantly monitoring your bearing oil.