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  • Liquid Form Sealant

    is used for threaded connections and machined surfaces. It is a smooth paste that is easily spreadable. Although normally used without gaskets, Copaltite Liquid makes an excellent gasket dressing. The Liquid form is available in a 1 quart can or a 5 ounce tube.

  • Cement Form Sealant

    is for rough surfaces, warped flanges or unfinished parts. It is a thick paste with a coarse texture which allows for it to fill gaps in scored, uneven surfaces. Copaltite Cement is also used as a gun grooving compound. The Cement form is available in a 1 quart can or a 5 ounce tube.

Copaltite High Temperature, High Pressure Sealant

Outperforms Any Sealant on the Market Today!

The United States Government, along with many industries world wide, has proven Copaltite an unequaled sealing agent. Wherever a packing is required against pressure, heat, cold, gases, acids, Freon, oil, benzene or gasoline, Copaltite is the premier product on the market. Under the most exacting conditions, Copaltite out performs any other product. It adheres readily to surfaces and its elasticity guarantees a perfect seal against vibration, expansion and contraction leaks. For sealing threads, flanges and other fittings exposed to high temperature and pressure, Copaltite is unexcelled.