How thick should Copaltite be applied when used as a gasket coating?

How thick should Copaltite be applied without a gasket?

Should the joint be made up tightly while the material is still moist or should it be permitted to dry?

If Copaltite is used on flanges, should both faces be coated?

Will Copaltite freeze a joint after being in service for a long period of time?

Will a wide range of temperature cause Copaltite to become hard and brittle?

When storing Copaltite, should any special precautions be taken?

How should the surface be prepared for Copaltite application?

Will extreme vibration, contraction or expansion impair the security of the joint?

In the event that it is necessary to thin Copaltite, what should be used?

How should heat be applied?

Are there any special instructions for using Copaltite on large diameter flanges?

How do I know how much Copaltite I need for my application?

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